From the Experts- What to Consider When You Are Buying Your Own Finger Pulse Oximeter

Overnight oximetry testing companies can help you pick the right device for you to monitor your oxygen saturation levels. But if you believe that your health condition is not serious enough to warrant overnight oximetry testing, you can always purchase a device for yourself. With so many of these in the current market, here are the most important qualities that you should be looking out for.

Easy to Use and Read

Since you probably will be only monitoring SpO2, the best and most convenient way to read the display is what you should be looking for, after all no one will decipher it for you. So go with simpler designs, preferably one with fewer icons. You should check for a well lit OLED display which should be equipped with different display options that make for easy to read results. It does not matter which hand your measurement is being taken on. You will also find some devices that simply display graphics instead of complex readings.

You Want a Portable Design

The right device will be compact and portable without requiring additional wares, parts or cords. This is what makes it easier to check oxygen levels when you in situations like at work, or even if you are out having dinner. If you are going to invest in your own handy device, why not go for something that works for emergencies. Think about it, you don’t want something for which you might have to search for a power source. At the same time this quality should not compromise on the speed of the reading that is being taken, otherwise it is no good for emergencies.


You want accuracy and you want it fast. This may be the most obvious point but it is also important, especially if this is your first time in the world of oximetry testing. Remember the accuracy of the pulse oximetry devices depends on you sitting still which means that it is important that you go for an oximeter that gives you instant readings, sitting still is not everyone’s cup of tea.


Keeping track of your health can add up in no time. A cost effective device is just as important as any other feature that you look for. Remember what you pay for is what you get, so while you shouldn’t go for the cheapest device you can find as it most likely will have some key features missing, but you shouldn’t go for the snazziest one in the market either. Eliminate features like a sleek look and fancy features that only look good and have no effect on the performance.