Overnight Oximetry Testing (IDTF)

Welcome to Breathe's Overnight Oximetry Testing Services 


  • Easy to use, easy to navigate website platform - why should oximetry testing be complicated??
  • Immediate email alerts or text message alerts when oximetry forms have been received.
  • Have a question, call us - no phone tree!
  • Constant monitoring of outgoing faxes to physicians ensures referring physicians get their overnight oximetry test results.


  • Overnight oximetry test results are faxed within minutes and made available online through our website.
  • Patient forms / prescriptions are reviewed within minutes.


  • Mobile app available for Android / Apple Users
  • Text message alerts
  • Physician referral dashboard tracker
  • Pre-populated prescription and patient forms
  • Paperless overnight oximetry forms
  • Track and setup qualified oxygen patients
  • Track overnight oximetry orders and business trends


  • Respironics 920M and 920M Plus
  • Nonin Palmsat 8500 and 2500
  • Respironics WristOx
  • Nonin Wrist Ox
  • Contec CMS 50I (Virtuox Vpod Ultra) 

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