Patients - Home Sleep Testing


Benefits of Home Sleep Testing:

Convenient and Easy

Home sleep testing allows the patient to be tested in the comfort of their own home.  No more driving to the sleep lab and spending the night in an unfamiliar environment while being watched by a technician.  Home sleep testing also provides better test results since the patient is more likely to have a normal night's sleep at home instead of at a sleep lab. 

Less Expensive 

Since home sleep testing is performed at the patient's home the test is considerably cheaper than going to a sleep lab for a polysomnography (PSG) test.  Patients find that the cost for the entire test is less than their copay for a PSG test at an overnight sleep lab facility.  

Home Sleep Study Process

  •  Home sleep study prescription is faxed over to Breathe.
  •  Patient's insurance is verified and the patient is contacted   to schedule test.  
  •  Home sleep study test mailed out to patient.  Shipping   time 2-3 days.
  •  Patient wears test and returns the home sleep study   device in the   prepaid envelope that is provided by   Breathe.  Shipping time 2-3 days
  •  Breathe scores the home sleep study data.
  •  Board certified sleep physician performs the home sleep   study interpretation.
  • Test results are provided to referring physician and to the patients DME provider of choice.  

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