Advantages of Pulse Oximetry Testing

Unlike many other testing methods that require the use of needles, IVs and surgery, overnight pulse oximetry testing requires none of that. Because of this, it is one testing process that can be repeated as many times as you need. People who have a fear of needles should not worry about any of that as well.

From the Experts- What to Consider When You Are Buying Your Own Finger Pulse Oximeter

Keeping track of your health can add up in no time.  A cost effective device is just as important as any other feature that you look for.  Remember what you pay for is what you get

Benefits of Overnight Home Oximetry

The physicians in our practice counted on me to use oximetry readings as a springboard from which to speak to patients about their night time status. It is a fantastic teaching tool.

Home Based Overnight Oximetry Tests

Overnight oximetry or Pulse Oximetry is a simple test done in order to observe the level of oxygen saturation in arterial blood. It can easily be done at home through an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) oximetry company.