5 Facts About a Home Sleep Study You Should Know

If you are getting a home sleep test done, you are probably stressing because a test is a test in the end. Now, your search for answers brought you to us. You want to know as much as possible about home sleep studies, so you can stress less. The following facts will take away the tension and provide you with more clarity on what a home sleep test is:

  1. You Need a Doctor’s Prescription

Home sleep studies are no different than other medical tests. You need to get a doctor’s prescription for a sleep apnea test covered by your insurance company. We will verify your insurance, schedule a test date convenient to you, and mail you the home sleep study test. Expect to get in two to three days.

  1. You Will Not Have to Pay an Arm and a Leg for It

Compare the costs of a home sleep test at a lab to one in the comfort of your home and you will discover a huge price difference. A sleep apnea test at a lab can cost you between $2,000 and $4,000 and if you cannot afford it, deter you from going for it in the first place. A sleep test in your home is much more affordable.

  1. You Will Sleep in Your Own Bed

Sleeping in your own bed versus sleeping in the lab’s bed — which one is better? The first option of sleeping in your own is way better than the second option. At a lab, getting a good night’s sleep is impossible unless you are a type of person who can fall asleep just about anywhere.

If you are not, you will be restless the entire night. Plus, they will attach you a host of nodes and wires, hence making sleeping peacefully almost impossible. If you get a home sleep test, you will just wear a simple monitor that will monitor and record your breathing throughout the night and provide accurate data to diagnose sleep apnea.

  1. You Can Get Accurate Results After One Night of Sleep

Every home sleep test comes with detailed instructions and if followed correctly, you can get accurate results from one night of sleep. You will receive a portable sleep data monitor, a nasal cannula, a heart rate sensor, and a chest strap. If you do not understand the instructions, call us for assistance.

  1. Your Results Are Examined by a Board-Certified Sleep Physician

Once you mail the device back to us, we will send it to a board-certified sleep physician to interpret it. They will analyze your data and provide it to a referring physician and to your chosen DME provider. It will not take us long to get back to you with the final diagnosis and you will receive the results between 10 to 14 business days. If you went to the lab for a sleep test, it could take them several weeks or months to return your results.

Once you its confirmed that you have sleep apnea, you can get the help you need to prevent it. Do not delay contacting us for a home sleep study test. Contact us today to schedule your home sleep study test.